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Take a Walk With Me – Humber Bay East

I put a scarf on with my mackinaw this morning and headed down the road to Humber Bay East for a walk. Even with many near-by condos, this lakefront treasure boasts some excellent trails, and is usually one of the better places around Toronto to look at birds. It was a blustery, overcast morning, not quite cold enough for the mitts stuffed in my jeans pocket – but close.

House sparrow

This morning, birds were scarce, except for a few house sparrows, a variety of ducks in the bay, and the cormorants, which seem to be increasing in number every year.


The asters are pretty much finished for the season but there are a few wildflowers around here and there.

Spent asters

The leaves on the Staghorn sumachs have turned colour to compliment the blooms.

Staghorn sumach

The highlight of this morning’s walk was Lake Ontario. It’s hypnotic watching the waves crash in.

You can see the CN Tower and the downtown Toronto skyline in the background to the east. My City.


More spray

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