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A Lovely Morning at Lambton Woods


I was up early this morning to meet up with Miles Hearne’s 8:00 Saturday walking group. This park along the Humber River is really “springing” to life right now, and there were loads of birds along the river and into the woods.

Canada Geese

For every bird I photographed this morning, there were several I missed. The morning air was filled with bird song.

Crown Gall

We saw a few kildeer on a sandbar in the river.

Geese in the River

More Kildeer

Song Sparrow

Tulip Tree

European Alder with both male and female parts

Song Sparrow

Golden-crowned Kinglet

We found a spruce hosting several golden-crowned kinglets. These tiny birds are challenging to photograph both because they can quickly get lost in branches and also because they seem to never stop moving.

Golden-crowned Kinglet

Golden-crowned Kinglet

Do you know this tree? It’s called a Hop Hornbeam
Skunk Cabbage

Lambton Woods is one of the best places to find skunk cabbage. Today we saw it in just about every wet area in the woods.

Find the Blue Jay
Black Cherry

Hairy Woodpeckers
Do you know the so-called “muscle tree” – Blue Beech?

More Skunk Cabbage

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