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Nature Walk – Wilket Creek Park

male cowbird

This morning I met up with Miles Hearn and his Saturday morning nature walk group up at Wilket Creek Park. There are really multiple parks connected here, the main two being Wilket Creek and Sunnybrook Park and there are great walking trails through the area.

Song Sparrow

Right at the parking lot where we meet, there are a number of bird feeders and they attract all kinds of birds.

Male Red-winged Blackbird
Male Cardinal

Male Cowbird

Downy Woodpecker
Female Cowbird

American Robin

We saw the beginnings of wildflowers this morning, and lots of budding trees. Spring is upon us. Very soon we’ll be seeing the migrating warblers coming through.

Christmas Fern

Bitter Dock

We saw some bitter dock. It reminded me of the sorrel we grow in our front garden. A google search confirmed that sorrel is a species of dock.


There is an area along Wilket Creek with lots of coltsfoot in bloom. This plant is considered medicinal.

West Don River
Lesser Celendine

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