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Breakfast Television on Twenty Seventh Street

In the front yard with Frankie Flowers

The Long Branch Garden Tour is back! It will take place Saturday June 25, 10-4, rain or shine. We were very fortunate to host the fabulous Frankie “Flowers” from Breakfast Television this morning – he did his weather updates from our garden and generously promoted the garden tour. This will be great publicity for the garden tour and we really appreciate the visit from BT.

The real star of the show this morning was our big boy George, who made friends and managed to find his way into just about every hit. As they say, the camera loves him!

If you’re in the Toronto area on June 25, come on down to Long Branch. We’re located in the bottom left corner of your Toronto map – any further west and you’ll stumble into Mississauga. There are over 30 gardens to visit and the tour is free. Get your map online or at Long Branch businesses or at participating gardens on the day of the tour.

There are several good places to grab lunch right along Lake Shore Blvd W. in our community. You will also find bicycle rentals along Lake Shore in Long Branch. Bicycle is a great way to go between gardens. If you’re driving, don’t worry there is plenty of parking. And when you get to our place on Twenty Seventh Street, be sure to say hi to our Newfie-dogs George and Ruby!

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