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Play Till Ya Die

The new episode of The Agency Podcast is now available. Listen right here or find it at all the best podcast places.

This week: The agents watch three music documentaries. The first, Dave Grohl’s WHAT DRIVES US about life on the road of bands in vans. The next music focused documentary is MARY J. BLIGE: MY LIFE about the 25th anniversary tour celebrating Blige’s phenomenal album “My Life.” And third the music doc-based work is a series set in Virginia of a competition to cast a gospel choir by Bishop Ezekiel Wiliams and co-produced by his nephew Pharrell Williams, called VOICES OF FIRE.

Please let us know what you think. Have you seen these docs? Whats your favourite music documentary? We’re also interested in your dreams. Would you like to come on the podcast and tell us about one of your dreams? Email us anytime.

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