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Chicken of the Woods at The Guild Inn Estate

Chicken of the Woods

This morning’s nature walk with naturalist Miles Hearn took us to The Guild Inn Estate in Scarborough, near the Bluffs. I haven’t been there in many years. I recall back in my university days in the early 80s there was a huge sculpture exhibition on the grounds there. I don’t think I’ve been back since until today.

The property was initially a residence. It was a seminary for a short period. Then from 1932 to 1979 it was the Guild of All Arts, which was like a arts cooperative. In 2017 it became the Guild Inn Estate, a wedding and special events space. With plenty of woods and lots of shoreline, it’s also a great spot for a nature walk.

The highlight of this morning’s walk was a beautiful Chicken of the Woods, growing on a stump. Here are some other highlights….

New England Aster

There are many asters in flower on the property right now including New England Aster, Panicled Aster, Calico Aster, Large Leaved Aster, and Arrow-leaved Aster and more.

Jerusalem Artichoke
Poison Ivy
Spotted Jewelweed
Jack-in-the Pulpet

We’re used to seeing Jack-in-the-Pulpet in bloom earlier in summer. This time of year, it is identifiable by a tell-tale clump of red berries.

Black-capped Chickadee

We saw and heard a few birds, such as some Black-capped Chickadees, hoping for handouts, but with not so many birds around, botany was the focus of this walk.

Miles Hearn talking Horsetail

Scattered across the Guild Inn grounds are remnants of historic Toronto architecture. Here are some examples….

Next week, we’ll be in the Don Valley.

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