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Take a walk with me – Humber Bay

My City, from Humber Bay West

This morning’s nature walk with naturalist Miles Hearn took me to Humber Bay West

Great Blue Heron with a gulp of Cormorants
This was once a motel strip

Back when I was in University, the stretch of Lake Shore Blvd West from Parklawn to the Humber River was home to an aging strip of motels. I worked in one of those as a summer job and part time job while in school. Eventually, developers bought the whole strip and it changed to a strip of condos. Part of the deal with the city was parkland. They put a lot of fill into the lake and created what is now the fabulous pair of parks known as Humber Bay West and Humber Bay East.

construction at Humber Bay East

Currently, a significant chunk of Humber Bay East is closed while the City works on an enhancement project, which will take another 3 years. Meanwhile, there is still plenty of excellent parkland, and this area is one of the best in the City to look at birds.

milkweed pods
guy in a very small boat

Over coming weeks, we’ll see plenty of what we refer to as the winter ducks taking up residence here.

Cooper’s Hawk
Great Blue Heron
Amur Maple
Russian Olives
White-throated Sparrow
White-throated Sparrow
Spindle Tree or European Euonymous or Burning Bush
Black Duck
These Green-winged Teal are about half the size of mallards

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