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Here’s some wonderful Ramona Jones fiddling for a Sunday morning. It’s called Chinquapin on Crooked Stovepipe. Is chinquapin a word in your vocabulary? I only know it from old time music. I think a chinquapin is another word for a chestnut. Is that how you… Read More

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A big night for banjo enthusiasts

In a rare Toronto appearance, Bob Carlin played a great show at the Dakota Tavern tonight with our own Lonesome Ace Stringband. Bob is a master clawhammer banjo player. I’ve previously met him and taken some of his workshops at Midwest Banjo Camp. He learned… Read More

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Ever get one of those nagging earworms, tunes that stick in your head and never want to leave? I’ve been playing Big John McNeil quite a bit on the banjo and it’s been rolling around my little brain since yesterday afternoon. Big John McNeil is… Read More

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There was a time a few years ago, when I faithfully checked out a couple dozen blogs on a regular basis. In a way that was a heyday for blogging, and I really enjoyed my daily peek in to the lives of people doing so… Read More

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What the Crow Said

It was chaos up in the spruces out back yesterday. There is a colony of red-winged blackbirds living up there somewhere in the high branches. Mid-afternoon a raiding party of crows showed up, creating havoc. The blackbirds did not take this sitting down. The whole… Read More