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I had my yearly eye doctor appointment at an office tucked away behind a glasses retailer. My prescription changed a wee bit last year but I didn’t change my glasses. This year it’s changed a wee bit again. Time for a new pair. On the… Read More

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Hippie Old Time

A lot of the tunes we play in old time music are in fact really, really old – but not all of them. There have been many great tunes written over the past 50 years which have become standards for old time players. I met… Read More

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Free Books

  The 27th Street Book Box is stuffed full of books right now, including a copy of Hugh Garner’s excellent Cabbagetown, set in Depression-era Toronto. The Book Box is located on lower Twenty Seventh Street in front of our place at #15. You’re welcome to… Read More

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Annie & Mac

Down at the Rockbridge Mountain Music and Dance Festival in Virginia, I was visiting at my new friend George’s campsite, when Patrick “Mac” McCauley and Barbara “Annie” Stevens stopped by. I really enjoyed hanging out, making friends, and jamming with these talented musicians. It was… Read More