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A New Bow

As I’m getting a little better at playing fiddle, I’ve been feeling that it was time to upgrade my bow. I decided to sell one of my banjos to fund a bow purchase. It was time to part ways with my Bart Reiter Standard banjo,… Read More

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Is it time?

I was more or less indifferent to the Queen and the royal family and all that went along with it, because our awkward democracy, tied up with the British monarchy, has been reasonably successful. With the passing of Queen Elizabeth, it gives me pause to… Read More

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So this happened….

At some point a couple months ago, I started thinking maybe it’s time to get a tattoo. I had an image in mind, from what I think is one of the oldest nonsense nursery rhymes in English: Hey Diddle DiddleCat and a fiddleThe cow jumped… Read More

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Sheila and I ventured into a restaurant for dinner tonight for the first time since the pandemic began. It was our 20th Anniversary and we decided to celebrate with dinner at Scaramouche, our fave swanky Toronto eatery. The vaccine passport check was handled smoothly. The… Read More

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Hazy Afternoon

We rolled into the place we’re staying near Atikokan mid-afternoon. They are providing a place to sleep overnight and breakfast in the morning as well as a 17’ canoe for our week in the bush. It’s a little hazy here from the various fires in… Read More