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Free Books

As we’re into the nicer weather, the 27th Street Book Box is seeing more action and right now there is an excellent selection of books to choose from. This little library is located in front of our place on lower 27th Street, a few houses… Read More

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New in the 27th St Book Box

There are some excellent selections today at the 27th Street Book Box. I can recommend Inishowen by Joseph O’Connor and also an excellent compendium of Indian writing, not to mention a biography of the late Doc Watson. These books are of course free for the… Read More

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Thanks but….

We’re fairly well-known in the neighbourhood for hosting the 27th St. Book box in front of our house. The other day, somebody made the generous gesture of leaving a heaping big bag of books on our porch. Given that the book box is more or… Read More

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Book Box refreshed

One of our most excellent neighbours came by a few days ago and dropped off a bag of books for the book box. I replaced some of the books that have been in there for some time with new ones… if you haven’t been by… Read More

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Brimming with Books

Some readers will recall that we recently created the 27th Street Book Box out of junk and stocked it with a number of books. We’re very please at how the book box has been embraced in the neighbourhood. Lots of books have been both taken… Read More