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No Glitter or Flash

Enjoy this wonderful video I found on the YouTube machine, about accordionist and accordion maker extraordinaire, Marc Savoy, from Eunice Louisiana. A few years ago we had the pleasure of visiting his shop and meeting M. Savoy on our drive from San Antonio to New… Read More

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A Minor Repair

I was experiencing what sounded like a horrible problem with my Guerrini triple row diatonic button accordion. Something was stuck, causing air to pass through a reed even though no buttons were depressed. That meant the box was unplayable in its current condition. Before taking… Read More

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The Pattern

Since there was some discussion on my previous post about the chromatic button accordion vs the piano accordion, here is a diagram I grabbed from wikipedia that shows the basic C-system pattern, which repeats up and down the button board. On many chromatics, the buttons… Read More

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What’s old is new…

Some time back I decided to attempt to learn to play the chromatic button accordion. Like the piano accordion, it has all the notes in the chromatic scale available, but it has buttons instead of a keyboard. In North America, not so many people play… Read More