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The Pattern

Since there was some discussion on my previous post about the chromatic button accordion vs the piano accordion, here is a diagram I grabbed from wikipedia that shows the basic C-system pattern, which repeats up and down the button board. On many chromatics, the buttons that are sharps or flats are black, but on some other models all the buttons are the same. Some models add texture to the “C” buttons to help the player explore the button board.  The notes are grouped in a repeated pattern, and in some cases you have multiple choices to grab individual notes, which I think is going to be a handy feature for some songs.

I only started messing with this last night. It’s going to take me a while to get used to the pattern without getting lost, but on the whole I think this instrument will be easier to learn than the diatonic button accordion, because it is unisonoric – push or pull the bellows and the one button equals a single note. On diatonic boxes, you have to cope with two sets of fingering. When I started learning the GCF diatonic, I had a hard time keeping the two sets of fingering straight for a while, although with practice I got the hang of it.

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