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Where’s the Money?

Where’s the money, the latest episode of The Agency Podcast, is now available. Where’s the Money?Insects, oil, and hostages. Reasons to be Cheerful. The Vampire’s Wife. You can listen on your computer or grab it to go on your phone from iTunes/Apple Podcasts or Google… Read More

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Bear vs Bear

Grizzly eats black bear in Banff¬† “We closed the trail immediately.”¬†The grizzly even has a name, “Grizzly Bear #122” Does that mean there are 121 more of them around Banff. Note to self. Avoid Banff.

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Calgary Rocks

I was reading my favourite Zombie’s post about Calgary after the flood. It’s been a while since I’ve been out that way, but I always have a great time every time I’m there. Never mind that one of the best trout rivers in North America… Read More

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Toronto the Bad?

Leger Marketing has released a new study that says Toronto is the city Canadians like the least. Albertans especially don’t like us, apparently. It’s OK though. I still like Albertans. I do. Victoria is the favourite, according to the survey. Really? Well, they do have… Read More

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Bison Siberia Bound

Canada is sending 30 wood bison from Alberta to Siberia. This begs the question, how do you put 30 bison safely on an airplane? They’re big critters, and independent too. My other question is, what do we get in Perhaps a few hockey players to… Read More