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Fi-Di Diddle Um-a Daisy

Time for a taste of the late great Jimmie Driftwood. If you don’t know Jimmie Driftwood’s music, here are a few of my faves. He wrote over 1,000 songs and played them on his home-made guitar. Here’s one for all my friends at the post… Read More

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Bad Man Stagger Lee

The tall tale of Stagger Lee has been recorded countless times in many styles. The bad man Stagger Lee has been Stacker Lee, Stack-O-Lee, Stack Pole and more. We all know what happened. That bad old Stagger Lee killed Billy Lyons over a $5 Stetson… Read More

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Who’s the Fool?

Here I am at half a century old and I haven’t read Edward Abbey.  I’ve been aware of his voice in America for years. I’ve heard clips of Abbey reading from his books. I know “about” him. I just haven’t got around to reading the… Read More

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Duncan and Brady

While not as big a sub-genre in Americana as train songs, murder ballads are big just the same. Since I took an interest in folk music in my teens, I’ve been listening to songs about Stack-O-Lee and Franky and Johnny, Pretty Polly and Tom Dooley. … Read More

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Somebody searched the internet for “Sligo Creek Stompers” and came up with this blog. Now I don’t think I’ve heard that name before and a quick search of 27th Street tells me that I’ve never posted anything by them on this blog. I did once… Read More

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Let’s start with Paul Clayton and how about Tennessee Ernie Ford Bob Dylan… This is an old American tune, likely from the early 19th Century. One more…here’s Paul Robeson. This version gives me the shivers.