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Fi-Di Diddle Um-a Daisy

Time for a taste of the late great Jimmie Driftwood. If you don’t know Jimmie Driftwood’s music, here are a few of my faves. He wrote over 1,000 songs and played them on his home-made guitar. Here’s one for all my friends at the post… Read More

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Bad Man Stagger Lee

The tall tale of Stagger Lee has been recorded countless times in many styles. The bad man Stagger Lee has been Stacker Lee, Stack-O-Lee, Stack Pole and more. We all know what happened. That bad old Stagger Lee killed Billy Lyons over a $5 Stetson… Read More

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Who’s the Fool?

Here I am at half a century old and I haven’t read Edward Abbey.  I’ve been aware of his voice in America for years. I’ve heard clips of Abbey reading from his books. I know “about” him. I just haven’t got around to reading the… Read More

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Duncan and Brady

While not as big a sub-genre in Americana as train songs, murder ballads are big just the same. Since I took an interest in folk music in my teens, I’ve been listening to songs about Stack-O-Lee and Franky and Johnny, Pretty Polly and Tom Dooley. … Read More

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Somebody searched the internet for “Sligo Creek Stompers” and came up with this blog. Now I don’t think I’ve heard that name before and a quick search of 27th Street tells me that I’ve never posted anything by them on this blog. I did once… Read More