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The Rattlesnake Song

Watching this video brings back joyful memories of learning so many fabulous tunes on clawhammer from the late Cathy Barton at Midwest Banjo Camp. Cathy was a great player and a delightful person. She was very encouraging to me and taught me a great deal.

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Buckin’ Dun

I forgot I recorded a video of this tune a couple years ago. I came across it when I was looking for a version for my duo partner Ted to reference. I learned this tune from Cathy Barton from whom I learned many of my… Read More

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A tune with a few names

Here’s another tune from our practice session yesterday, this one with a special guest appearance towards the end from our Newfoundland dog George. I know this tune as Rachel, but it’s apparently also known in some places as the Texas Quickstep, the St. Louis Quickstep,… Read More

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Poly-wolly-doodle all day

I love this video. Occasionally I go back for another dose of it. That’s Bashful Brother Oswald singing and playing guitar. Cathy Barton Para is the clawhammer player (one of my fave players). I don’t know who the other guitar picker is. It’s backstage at… Read More