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Soldier’s Joy

Back in late September I posted a few versions of Soldier’s Joy on this blog. I was watching a bunch of performances of it because I was starting to learn this one on clawhammer banjo. Tonight I recorded a bit of a practice session, so… Read More

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Sourwood Mountain

Chickens a-crowin on Sourwood Mountain – Oh diddle di di diddle di do (or Hi ho diddle I day…take your pick) So many pretty girls I can’t count-em – Oh di diddle dee Diddle di do Climbing up old Sourwood Mountain – Oh diddle di… Read More

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John Brown’s Dream

It’s time for a Daily Dose of Old Time banjo music. Today, let’s listen to John Brown’s Dream. I’d like to start with a video featuring Guy Wolff. Listen to him take off…fantastic! Here’s a version with a bit of a different flavour featuring Riley… Read More

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Learning Old Joe Clark

Old Joe Clark is a well-known old time tune from Kentucky. It is played in mixolydian mode in which the 7th note in the scale is lowered a half-tone, giving it what Aubrey Atwater refers to in the video below as that “Old Joe Clark-y”… Read More

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Memory and music

I find the hardest thing about learning an instrument is keeping the songs I learn in my head.  On button accordion, I’ve found I can keep the ones I play all the time in my little brain no problem, but if I stop playing one… Read More

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Susanannah Gal

Regular visitors to this joint know I’ve been trying to learn clawhammer banjo on my home-made oilcan banjos. Well, in a moment of madness I recently purchased an honest to god store-bought banjo. I bought it at the 12th Fret here in Toronto. I was… Read More