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The Red River Jig

I was watching a few of Patti Kusturok’s 365 days of fiddle tunes on YouTube tonight. Since I started to learn some fiddle, I’ve been watching a lot of videos featuring fiddle music. I think the more I immerse myself in it, the better. Here’s… Read More

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Smokin’ Bow

Surfing around the YouTube machine, diving deep down the button accordion wormhole, I stumbled across this wonderful performance featuring Calvin Vollrath on fiddle and Roger Lanteigne tearing it up on the button accordion on The Smokin’ Bow Reel, one of Mr. Vollrath’s many excellent compositions.

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Patti Kusturok on fiddle

Check out Patti Kusturok’s 365 days of fiddle tunes on YouTube. She’s from Manitoba and she’s one of the best fiddle players anywhere. This is an incredibly generous resource for fiddle lovers. I’ll share some samples from her 365 days here, but go visit her… Read More

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Ever get one of those nagging earworms, tunes that stick in your head and never want to leave? I’ve been playing Big John McNeil quite a bit on the banjo and it’s been rolling around my little brain since yesterday afternoon. Big John McNeil is… Read More

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Fiddle Faddle

  I’m fascinated with fiddle music, but the fiddle scares me. Having heard some mighty fine fiddle players close up, I know there is only one possible explanation for how they do it. Obviously, they’ve made a deal with the devil. I mean, humans can’t… Read More