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Buck Fever Rag

Buck Fever Rag was written by the late great Reg Hill. Mr. Hill was the fiddler in Mac Beattie’s Ottawa Valley Melodiers, but he also had several great solo recordings. I’d bet dollars to donuts the scrub-board player on the Reg Hill cut is Mac Beattie himself. This tune stopped me in my tracks when I heard it, and it’s one of the tunes that helped convince me to try to learn some Canadian Old Time fiddle.

I’ve been working on fiddling Buck Fever Rag. Wow, what a trip. It’s full of double shuffle bowing and it’s a hoot to play, even though I stumble around a lot. Part of learning a tune, at least for me, is listening to how various fiddlers attack it. Above, it’s Patti Kusturok as part of her 2015 round of 365 days of fiddle tunes. Below, it’s Charlie Walden, with Patt Plunkett, Kathy Hirsch and Jennifer Jeffries, wearing Hillbilly Diaspora hats.

Here’s another great fiddler, Ivan Hicks…

I’m going to go way overboard here and post one more. I enjoy the videos Ashley Giles has posted with her dad on accordion. She has a lot of fun with her version and the accordion bass is perfect. As a bonus she adds on Bowing the Strings, another tune chock full of double-shuffle bowing.

Here’s another old fave featuring Reg Hill – Old Tyme Fiddler’s Dream…..

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