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On the River…

My neighbour’s son Ethan wants to learn fly fishing. I took him one day last year to the Grand River, and this spring I sent Ethan and family to a trout farm, where he caught his first trout on a fly. Today we went to… Read More

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Hidden Gem

I visited a trout stream today I hadn’t been to in a few years. If you were on the road to this place you likely wouldn’t know it was there. Yes there is a bridge but the stream is so far down from the bridge… Read More

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Fly fishing

It looked like it might rain this morning but I took a chance it was just going to be overcast, and I took off to do a little trout fishing. This is a river I haven’t fished for many years. A friend of mine fished… Read More

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I’ve been drawn to rivers since that day as a young boy my father gave me my own spinning outfit and took me to a little creek where I caught my first trout. I find it hard to pass a river without stopping to check… Read More

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The River

I’ve been thinking a lot about the river lately. When I say the river, I mean the river I always just called the river because it was a go-to haunt for me for so long. It has a number of stretches, if I can call… Read More

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Fur and Feathers

Over the past couple years I haven’t done nearly as much fly fishing as I used to, and this year I missed the opener as we were away at Merlefest. I’ve finally got around to going through my gear, making sure everything was in order.… Read More