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Check out the fantastic coyote photos at the Friends of Sam Smith Park blog. Our dog walker has seen them twice recently while out with the partners. She noted that one of them had a tracking collar as well.

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Stormwater Study Completed

I just read at the Friends of Sam Smith Park blog that the Etobicoke Waterfront Stormwater Management study has been completed. I don’t know all the issues here yet, but the blog post is very critical of the study for ignoring community feedback.

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There’s a barge over at the Yacht Club at Sam Smith Park. I wondered what that was all about but Friends of Sam Smith Park provided the answer: We heard via the grapevine that the old dock ramp is being replaced by a new ramp… Read More

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Bird is the word

We walked over to Sam Smith Park this morning to take part in a bird walk. Although most of the migratory birds have passed, the leader of the walk was able to identify quite a few species. I may not have recorded all of them,… Read More