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Tar Spot

I’ve been noticing big black splotches on maple trees lately, especially on Norway Maples and I wondered what that was. Is it killing the tree? Is it caused by some scary environmental factor? It turns out it is a common fungus known as Tar Spot,… Read More

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Fungal Empire

My brother the trout, Salvelinas Fontinalis, sent me an interesting article about a 2500 year old fungus. That’s right, 2500 years old. That is staggering. It’s an Armillaria, what mushroom lovers would call a honey mushroom, and the organism, located in Michigan, takes up 180… Read More

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A backyard curiosity

There is an old apple stump out in our back yard. Today I noticed an unusual growth on it. This brown feathery growth is on the top and sides of the stump, which suggests the organism producing it has spread throughout the stump. I was… Read More

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A number of people have found this blog recently after asking that magician Mr. Google for the location of King Boletes in Ontario. For those who don’t know what I’m talking about, these are the tremendously tasty edible forest mushrooms also known as Porcini. I… Read More

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While we were at Spindletree, we wandered off into some forest at the back of the property. The first thing we noticed were the deer flies and mosquitoes, which were unrelentings. The second thing we noticed was all the mushrooms in this little piece of… Read More

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Dead Man’s Fingers

Tuffy P was out at a gathering today on a property that has a forest. Now Tuffy rarely goes out mushroom foraging, but she has an eagle eye and if there is something interesting to see in the woods, she’ll find it. Last season, for… Read More

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A surfer landed on this blog today after making a search for where to find puffball mushrooms in Ontario. There are a number of varieties of puffballs but I normally come across three kinds, the giant puffball, Calvatia gigantea, the gem-studded puffball,┬áLycoperdon perlatum or the… Read More