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Bear’s Head Tooth

Gentle readers, I confess I may have exaggerated a wee bit when I declared that there were no edible mushrooms outside of grocery stores in Southern Ontario.

While out for a stroll in a small woods with Tuffy P this afternoon, we kept our eyes open for the possibility of a mushroom or two after all the rain we recently enjoyed. It was Tuffy who spotted the Bear’s Head Tooth. I think there were three of them in the same area, all growing from beech trees, not far from the ground. The one in the picture was nice and fresh, and we harvested it for the table.

These are really unusual-looking fungi and very distinctive. Although I have been foraging for a few years, and have gone out of my way to look for Bear’s Head Tooth on a few occasions, this was the first time I found and collected any in the woods. I’m looking forward to dinner tomorrow.

As always when I write about collecting mushrooms I must caution you to be very careful eating any wild mushroom. If you are not completely certain of the ID, leave it be. There are mushrooms in Ontario woods that will kill you if you ingest them. Admittedly, the Bear’s Head Tooth is very distinctive but still… Be careful please.

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