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Exotic butterfly…

When the storm came yesterday evening, Tuffy P moved her mosaics operation from the deck to mosaics central. She finished it off while I put my feet up and watched the first ever episode of Columbo. If you haven’t seen any of our mosaics before,… Read More

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Photo update

We were able to recover our photos using a program called iPhoto Library Manager. I now have them stuffed safely into a folder. I have no idea why they disappeared. These were all the photos Tuffy P shot in Buffalo at the Garden Walk. Watch… Read More

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These beautiful yellow flowers come from our neighbour’s garden across the street, but we don’t know where she got them (the other day she asked if they came from our garden). They look like some variety of yellow primrose. These are really showy when they… Read More

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We have loads of catnip growing out in the back garden. I harvested some today, which I’m going to dry in my mushroom dehydrator. When I bought it in and cut it up, the cats were having a great time chewing down leaves!