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Midwest Banjo Camp

Regular visitors to this blog know that if nothing else, I have been a regular poster in this space for years, with few lapses. Very recently, however, I took a little personal holiday and went on a road-trip, and a couple weeks after returning, I… Read More

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John Stensen’s #2

I’ve been learning the tune John Stensen’s #2 on clawhammer banjo. I’ve seen it spelled Stensen’s, Stenson’s, Stinsen’s, Stinson’s and even Stentson’s. I couldn’t tell you who John Stensen (sp) is or was, though. The most inspired versions of this tune, come (in my opinion… Read More

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Missed Camp

This is the weekend of the Midwest Banjo Camp for 2015, an event down in Michigan I had planned to attend again this year. After messing up my ankle, though, my surgeon advised me that it would be too early for me to make the… Read More

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Cluck Old Hen

Cluck Old Hen is one of my fave banjo tunes. It’s all about a hen, a hen that lays enough eggs for the railway men. The only problem is, truth be told she hasn’t laid an egg since way last spring or maybe way last… Read More

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Time for a fiddle tune…

Here’s Chris Coole playing a tune from Henry Reed, known as Quince Dillion’s High D. He’s playing with Alan Jabbour who created field recordings of Henry Reed in the mid-60s when Reed was in his 80s. I particularly like this tune and I’ve been working… Read More

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Camp videos

Regular readers of this blog know I attended the Midwest Banjo Camp back in June. I noticed they posted a few videos last week from this year’s camp concerts. There were two faculty concerts, once on the Friday and the other on the Saturday evening.… Read More

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Rocky Island

I thought tonight I would feature Joe Newberry here on 27th Street. I had the good fortune to meet Mr. Newberry at the Midwest Banjo Camp. I took one of his classes, all about a maneuver called the Galax Lick, along with its applications. Joe… Read More

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Banjo Camp

Camp started with dinner. Attended a fiddle tune demo then my first jam. Great confidence builder! Exhausted. Looking forward to a long day of banjo madness tomorrow.