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Missed Camp

This is the weekend of the Midwest Banjo Camp for 2015, an event down in Michigan I had planned to attend again this year. After messing up my ankle, though, my surgeon advised me that it would be too early for me to make the trip, and so I had to cancel. Although I recognize his advice was sound and foregoing the camp for this year was the right thing to do, still, a big part of me wishes I was there.

I learned so much in this long weekend last year, immersed in classes and jams. I think that learning slowly started to sink in over many months of practice after the camp. As well, I had an opportunity to meet and learn from players who really are my clawhammer banjo heros.

Here’s a video that was shot at one of the faculty concerts at MBC last year, featuring Cathy Barton and Dave Para. Cathy is a fantastic banjo player. I could listen to her play that beautiful old Ode banjo of hers all day, and with her husband Dave, a great guitarist, they are a force of nature. This charges me up every time I listen to it.

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