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The Magnolia Bench

The Magnolia Bench is a recently installed commission we worked on with Ruth Arnold, who is a great wood carver. Sheila, Ruth and I designed the bench together, and worked with the folks at HGH Granite to get the stonework executed and installed. Ruth created… Read More

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New mosaic project

We’re starting a new mosaic project. Actually, we’re starting three of them. Today I cut out the shape for a grackle mosaic and we’re starting to source tiles and crockery. Although the grackle is a black bird, there is lots of colour in this bird.… Read More

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Dining Room Door Mosaic

Tuffy P has just completed this fantastic dining room door mosaic. It features some tiles from Sintra, in Portugal, a black cat from Nice Old Stuff in Jarvis Ontario, and a cat door to allow the lions to pass at their leisure. For those new… Read More

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New mosaic

We’re planning a new mosaic. We want to try some new things so this time we’re talking about a plant/floral motif, again on a shaped ground. We haven’t done any drawing for it yet – still in the discussion stage. We improvise a lot as… Read More

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Mosaics on Pinterest

I decided to create a Pinterest board for the mosaics Tuffy P and I do. At this point we’ve made several of them, mostly birds, and I wanted to group some photos in one spot in case anybody wanted to see the work. Until we… Read More

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Blue Jay

We’re starting another bird mosaic. We’ve already done a huge owl, a scarlet tanager, a goldfinch and a Baltimore Oriole. This one will be a blue jay and it’s a commission. I cut out the basic shape today. Next step is to prepare the tesserai,… Read More

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