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Say the name Smiley and most people I know will associate it with the character from John Le Carre’s novels and and their film adaptations. But that’s not where I’m going tonight. Tonight your Daily Dose goes down to New Orleans to celebrate Smiley Lewis.… Read More

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Hot 8

Busy day today, but I’m finding time for your Daily Dose friends. I know you’ve been waiting. Here’s the Hot 8 Brass band. Sexual Healing Rock with the Hot 8 Rastafunk  

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Last night I broke my own rule. I watched a movie involving dogs. I knew better but I did it anyway. Tuffy P came home with the film on DVD. What could I do? Mine is a documentary about animals stranded, and rescued, after Katrina.… Read More

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We didn’t see Treme when it started as a TV series but we forked up some Canadianos for the DVD of the first season as soon as it became available. A number of actors who have worked with David Simon previously on shows such as… Read More

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Ballin the Jack

I mentioned Kid Ory in connection with the Muskrat Ramble in a previous post. Mr. Ory was a jazz trombone player from Louisiana. He had two careers in music, one prior to the Great Depression, after which he retired, picking it up again in 1943.… Read More