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Mac Beattie and his Melodiers

Time for a fix of music from the Ottawa Valley featuring Mac Beattie and his Melodiers. Here’s Little Shack up the Pontiac…. Here’s one I’ve shared before – but it’s so good it deserves to played over and over again – Old Tyme Fiddler’s Dream… Read More

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Ottawa Valley Hoedown

It’s about time I featured a tune by Ottawa Valley fiddle great Reg Hill. Mr. Hill was known both as a great fiddler on his own and as the fiddle player for the Mac Beattie’s group, the Ottawa Valley Melodiers. Here he is playing the… Read More

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Saturday Night up the Gatineau

I came across a remarkable video this evening, shared by doghousedonnie It features some home movie footage of a Saturday night wedding celebration at Keon’s Hotel in Chapeau Quebec and a live recording of the wonderful Mac Beattie and his Ottawa Valley Melodiers performing Saturday… Read More

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Buck Fever Rag

I know it was only the other day I posted some fiddle music, but I’ve been revisiting some old time Canadian fiddle music on the YouTube machine, and if you don’t mind I’m going to share a little bit more with you tonight. I think… Read More

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Maple Leaf Two-Step

The Maple Leaf Two-Step, from 1953, was Ottawa Valley fiddle great Ward Allen’s first recording, a 78 rpm record on Alvina. I started learning this one on triple row button accordion in between trick-or-treaters tonight, based on a score I stumbled upon on a fiddle… Read More

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A Song for Canada Day

I’ve posted this tune before, maybe even several times. Why? Because it stops me in my tracks every time, and before he’s done Mr. Allen has my eyes welling up.  Turn it up loud. Here’s Ward Allen performing his masterpiece, Maple Sugar.

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Log Driver

I used to have a recording, on an old cassette tape, of Mac Beattie singing his Log Driver’s Song (not to be confused with the Wade Hemsworth tune Log Driver’s Waltz). While I was busy concentrating on something apparently more important, the melody popped into… Read More

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Maple Sugar

What an amazingly beautiful day today. And as a bonus, I enjoyed lunch with a dear friend I hadn’t seen in ages. I think for the Daily Dose today it’s time to celebrate spring and what better way to do it than listen to my… Read More