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Buck Fever Rag

I know it was only the other day I posted some fiddle music, but I’ve been revisiting some old time Canadian fiddle music on the YouTube machine, and if you don’t mind I’m going to share a little bit more with you tonight. I think fiddle music is very special and in Canada we’re fortunate to not only have a fiddle tradition but to have a few distinctive fiddle styles. The other day I posted some Ward Allen tunes in the Ottawa Valley style. Here’s another Ottawa Valley fiddler, Reg Hill. Reg Hill was from Avonmore Ontario. He was a multi-instrumentalist but best known as one of Canada’s great fiddlers. In 1954 he joined Mac Beattie’s group, the Ottawa Valley Melodiers.

Here’s Reg Hill performing the Buck Fever Rag, one of his own compositions. This is from his solo record, Ottawa Valley Hoedown (1964) and the washboard player is none other than Mac Beattie.

On The Old Time Fiddler’s Dream, a Mac Beattie recording, Reg Hill plays tributes to Ward Allen, Don Messer and Winston (Scotty) Fitzgerald. I’ve posted this one before, but it’s so good I can’t resist posting it again.

This next tune is Mac Beattie’s tribute to Ward Allen. Reg Hill plays fiddle and bass.

So that’s it for our trip back in time to some of the best old time Ottawa Valley fiddle music.


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