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Magic, etc…

The other day we gave a container of oyster mushrooms to a friend, and miraculously, when the container came back it was full of home-made rhubarb crisp. Magic. I like magic a lot. While I was out at dog park tonight, a few dog-owners had… Read More

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What’s in a name?

This morning, I had the dogs out at the local leash-free dog park. Some us of were talking about naming the park. I don’t mean some city-generated name after a politician. I mean a community name, something we come up with. If there are some… Read More

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Infrastructure Upgrading

These photos arrived via email today from Finney’s Friend, a regular at the leash free park over at the RL Clark Filtration Plant, next to Sam Smith Park in beautiful Longbranch. Here’s what the email said: Dear friends of Sam Smith dog off leash area… Read More

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Off-leash report card

After a couple public meetings and lots of discussion around the neighbourhood, the new off-leash area appeared early last month in a field belonging to the R.L. Clark water filtration facility, right next to Humber College and Colonel Sam Smith Park. I’ve been a supporter… Read More