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St. Anne’s

Part of learning any instrument or any genre of music is immersing yourself in the music you want to play. I’ve been putting a lot of time and effort into learning fiddle and it’s safe to say that much of the time I have a… Read More

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Reel de Ste-Anne or The St. Anne’s Reel

Here’s the St. Anne’s reel as a Quebec button accordion tune…from CherzeduKbec   Interestingly, it’s also popular among Appalachian style players. Here’s a version from Sam Worley featuring clawhammer banjo… I haven’t learned this one on clawhammer yet, but it’s on my list.

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Old St. Anne

Tonight’s Daily Dose features a venerable old tune and one I never tire of, The St. Anne’s Reel or the Reel de Sainte-Anne. This one features Aly Bain on fiddle and Jerry Douglas on Dobro… Geez, that’s beautiful. Ask me why I love traditional music… Read More