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Reel de Ste-Anne – The St. Anne’s Reel

I’ve been working on the St. Anne’s Reel on the banjo recently, but I’ve been familiar with this one from my button accordion days as Reel de Ste-Anne. I don’t know the actual origin of this one, but a lot of people will tell you it’s a Quebec tune, popularized in English Canada by the fabulous Don Messer and his Islanders. I know it’s also played a lot in New England and in the American Mid-west and is popular with Missouri fiddlers. I suppose what I’m getting at is there are many ways to play this tune.

Let’s start with a Quebec button accordion version….this is from Serge Carrier’s YouTube channel.

It’s hard to listen to Don Messer and his Islanders without falling head over heels in love with this band. Just watch Charlie Richards dance!! I remember as a young boy watching Don Messer’s Jubilee on television. This stuff is in our DNA. Weren’t they great?

And now a Missouri version…

One more….here’s a Metis version from the Pure Metis Band…

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