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I had a chance to jam (on banjo) with a couple super-accomplished musicians yesterday – one playing fiddle and guitar and the other playing mandolin and guitar. They play a variety of music beyond the old time material in two or three different groups. Both… Read More

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Hogslop – Reuben’s Train

I was surfin’ about on the YouTube machine and I chanced up this “official video”. I almost didn’t watch it because, well….what the hell is there official about old time music? I did watch it though, and I’m glad I did. This is a wonderfully… Read More

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Cotton-eye Joe

This is an old tune, going back at least to the 1880s in America. What does cotton-eyed mean? One story is that bad moonshine cause a drinker’s eyes to turn milky white. Another story says someone is cotton-eyed if his eyes turned milky from any… Read More

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That’s my rabbit

My dog caught it. Here’s the Walter Family. It says on the info with the video it was recorded in 1933. I’ve read elsewhere it was recorded in 27. It’s a really good tune regardless of when the recording was made. Here’s a hot version… Read More