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Lowside of the Road is an unauthorized biography of Tom Waits by Barney Hoskyns, published in 2009. I’m going to come clean and say upfront that I haven’t read many biographies I really loved and I don’t read that many biographies period. I really liked… Read More

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Goodnight Irene

For tonight’s Daily Dose, let’s go back to an old Leadbelly tune, Goodnight Irene. Lots of people know the melody and the chorus but have never really listened to the lyrics. It’s one sad tune. I love Tom Waits’ take on it… Here’s a curious… Read More

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Bad as Me

Listening to the new Tom Waits recording, Bad as Me. I love this one. Crank up the volume…no, a little louder…hang on tight and hope the roof stays on.

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Never Talk to Strangers Anyway

Drinking Song #30 is from the Tom Waits album Foreign Affairs. Never Talk to Strangers features Bette Midler, and it’s a beautiful duet. Only suckers fall in love with perfect strangers. I love Ms. Midler’s last line: Oh you don’t look like such a chump.… Read More

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As promised….

Today here at 27th Street, I’m starting a new music list, this one affectionately titled Drivin’ Nails in my Coffin – music about drinking. This time I’m going to count up instead of down, and once again these are in no particular order. Drinking song… Read More

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Downtown Train

I know you were waiting for a train song of the day yesterday and I failed you. My apologies. Let’s enjoy Tom Waits singing Downtown Train. This comes from Mr. Waits’ record, Rain Dogs, from 1985. This tune has been covered by a few people… Read More