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Lonesome Dove

My friend East Texas Red recommended Larry McMurtry’s 1985 novel, Lonesome Dove to me, and mailed me his copy. I just finished it this evening. It’s a beast of a book, 842 pages, but all written in very readable prose. At some point while reading… Read More

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The Sisters Brothers – the movie

The Sisters Brothers, based on Patrick deWitt’s 2011 novel, is in limited release and is now playing at Scotiabank Theatre in Toronto. This film marks the English language debut for director Jacques Audiard. It has an excellent cast, featuring John C. Reilly as Eli Sisters,… Read More

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Victory or Death

How many bullets do you need to make a good David and Goliath flick? If the evil guy who is oppressing the poor but unskilled villagers is really, really, supremely nasty, you  need truckloads of bullets. Explosives too. I’m talking about the current remake of… Read More

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Sal’s Gauntlet

“I think this calls for opening up a free for all on the best or at least favorite western ever made. I like John Wayne movies but I dont think any of them would really rank top 5 when you start tossing Lee Marvin and… Read More

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Rio Bravo

Rio Bravo was on TV yesterday. I hadn’t seen it in years, but it was as good as I remembered it. Howard Hawks directed and it starred John Wayne, Dean Martin, Ricky Nelson, Walter Brennan and the very lovely Angie Dickinson. John Wayne needs all… Read More