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Bark and Park

Tuffy P discovered the Bark and Park…that’s really an excellent dog groomer named Lorraine who has a self-contained mobile dog grooming van. It has a bathtub, tanks of water and a grooming table. All it needs is a place to plug into, using an extension cord.

The plan was to have Ellie Mae bathed and groomed because she has really dry skin we’re working on improving. We decided to have Memphis groomed at the same time.

The picture above is Ellie Mae all soaped up. I think she really enjoyed the process, and with her beautiful thick fur, she emerged looking like a show-dog. Lorraine clipped her nails and trimmed around her paws and brushed her out beautifully.

Memphis didn’t mind the bath but she was not impressed with the blow-drier. In fact at one point she decided the bathtub was the safest place to be and hurled herself from the table back into the tub.

The last shot, below, shows Memphis and Ellie Mae relaxing among the pretty yellow lawn-flowers after the job was done. Lorraine is very good with dogs. She grooms all kinds of dogs and I recommend her work…and best of all, she shows up at your place and does the work right in her van.


  1. SME

    Adorable!! They look so happy flopped out in the dandelions – you gotta envy dogs sometimes.

  2. They clean up real nice, those dogs of yours! What a great idea to have a mobile dog grooming service. Makes me want to get a dog!

  3. A mobile dog groomer – what an excellent idea! Both dogs look awesome, but I had to laugh at Memphis trying to escape the blow drier by going back into the bathtub!

  4. Salvelinas Fontinalis

    Ya it is a good concept. Perhaps the only downside is the travel and setup time will reduce the number of customers she can see in a day but maybe that isnt an issue. The girls look good gussied up. When we brought our bordie home at first he had very dry skin. We got him a diet supplement containing vitamin E and some sort of oil that was recommended by the folks at Global Pet Foods (a teaspoon per day) and his constant scratching stopped in 4-5 days. I suspect the issue was a food allergy because we changed his food to a grain free brand at around the time he finished up the bottle of oil and he hasnt had a problem since. The vitamin E oil did relieve the itching though and quite quickly.

      • Max's Mom

        Just wondering how Friday went for Eliie Mae? Did she wake up enough to get into the car herself?

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