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We enjoyed a much needed rain yesterday. It drizzled, spit, poured and misted on and off from mid-afternoon until sometime late in the evening. I’ve been hoping for a rain like this to encourage a new fruiting of oyster mushrooms. I’m planning to take the dogs out to a forest on Saturday morning where we’ll go for a long walk, looking for these tasty delights.


  1. Salvelinas Fontinalis

    Just an opinion but I think dogs should be vigorously discouraged from being interested in mushrooms. Two reasons I guess. First is safety. There are a lot of deadly mushrooms around and most dogs arent able to read the field guides. You dont want your dog getting excited and start biting a few off to bring to you. Second reason is the same but for tasty edibles. You dont want your dog to learn to like morels or even to start picking them for you.

  2. Have you trained the dogs to unearth mushrooms, sort of like the French do with their truffle-finding pigs.

    • After taking Memphis with me most of last summer, by fall she had figured out that I was looking for mushrooms and sometimes when we were out for a non-mushroom-huntin walk she would get excited when she saw some. We haven’t worked on discerning one kind of mushroom from another, but I wouldn’t be surprised if she could learn it by smell.

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