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Finding Dinner

  It was in-between-times in the forest this morning. Morels are about done. Ramps are about done. Oysters haven’t started in earnest. Still I can’t complain. There were a few oysters, and they were nice and fresh, and a few ramps, enough to assure a… Read More

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From the impulse shopping department….


There I was in the produce section of the grocery store when I passed a bunch of interesting boxes – Mushroom Mini Farms. They even had two different brands. These are oyster mushrooms, ready to grow. I bought a box on impulse, being careful not to look at the price (I didn’t want to know). So I’ve followed the instructions and I’ll report back when I see mushrooms.

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We enjoyed a much needed rain yesterday. It drizzled, spit, poured and misted on and off from mid-afternoon until sometime late in the evening. I’ve been hoping for a rain like this to encourage a new fruiting of oyster mushrooms. I’m planning to take the… Read More

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The shot above shows oyster mushrooms on a dead tree in the woods. As you can see, they’re pretty high up. I found a long sapling on the forest floor and used it to knock some of them down. I only found three trees with… Read More