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A Small Surprise

I hadn’t planned on visiting a forest today, since we haven’t had rain in a while and I thought there wouldn’t be many mushrooms around. However, the dogs seemed to have the idea that on weekends I’m supposed to take them for a walk in the woods. They were all excited this morning, so I decided to take them to the woods for an hour walk before the day heated up.

We didn’t go to the usual spots, instead opting for a nice forest about 3/4 of the way up. (Salvelinas, for your benefit, it’s the forest where we find the hedgehogs). It was quite dry in the forest, so imagine my surprise when I quickly found a fistful of chanterelles. We walked around for an hour or so, but that one patch was all that we could come up with. Still, considering I expected nothing more than a little exercise in the company of my dogs, I’m pleasantly surprised.


  1. They look delicious and I would not even be afraid to give them a try. All I need is an invitation…

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