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The Plot Thickens

Look what was posted over at the leash-free area at the R.L. Clark Filtration plant today. I assume this stuff was posted by the person who was there expressing her opinion last evening.

A gate would certainly solve the problem of the dog area cutting off the walking path. Do you think the City will respond to this request by putting in a couple gates?

There’s a bench in the park made from cement blocks and an old board. The umbrella was a donation from a neighbour. So far the City has been kind enough not to trash our furnishings.

I wonder why they’re stopping the fence here, leaving all that disused space between the fence and the trees. Think they have plans for that space? Who knows.

Here’s some of the gang: Annie on the left, Finnie at the top, then Memphis the Landseer, Dexter the shep/collie and Ellie Mae.


  1. I was thinking the same thing about the fence. It wouldn’t even slow my dog down.
    Wouldn’t it have been cheaper to install a chain link fence? I’ll admit that this fence is prettier, but I don’t think the dogs care what it looks like. ;D

  2. I’m not sure what the politics underlying the fence/gate issue are, but I am sure that is one happy party of dogs.

  3. Salvelinas Fontinalis

    Wow, that is a really spiffy fence. Ummm.. ok this isnt really any of my business but wouldn’t it have been a bit better if the fence were capable of keeping dogs in? It looks like my border collie could go over it, under it, or through it, all without slowing down.

    I am guessing that if a handful of volunteers presented themselves to whoever is responsible for this park and offered to help manage the place that the group might just be well received. Especially if the group positioned themselves as an answer to the whining of folks who dont want the park there. I dont think much of the concept of letting non dog people into the area, that is just asking for trouble.

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