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At the River

This year I’ve spent way more time in forests than in rivers, but today looked like a perfect day for some fly fishing. Off I went to The River. I just call it that. Everybody who needs to knows which one I mean. Around this time of year, a bug called an Isonychia bicolour (aka white-gloved howdy, aka slate drake, aka leadwing coachman) comes off the water. When I say that I mean the nymphal form of this interesting large mayfly swims into shallow water and tries to emerge onto rocks. Some other mayflies are burrowers or clingers as nymphs but the isonychia swims. It brings large trout into the shallows to feed, and this is the time of year when a fly fisherman is apt to catch a very large brown trout. The bugs usually make an appearance in late afternoon, but on drizzly days, they sometimes come off the water all day, and the trout happily feed on the emergers. That was the plan. I didn’t figure that by the time I got to the river the sun would come out.

The trout were not interested in my flies today, and I didn’t feel like waiting until almost dark so I started walking the path back to the car. On the way out, look what I found:

This looks to me like Sparassis radicata, the rooting cauliflower mushroom (a choice edible, if you’re asking). Now I was in a provincial park where the picking of this delicacy is forbidden, and being a law abiding citizen and all, I let it be. Yes, I was tempted.

Then, seconds later, I came upon another interesting sight:

These were past their expiry date so they were difficult to ID, but they appear to be some type of puffball.


  1. sp

    The cauliflower mushroom is so interesting looking. I’ve been hoping to find some of those, but no luck yet.

  2. That cauliflower mushroom looks quite amazing. I have never seen anything that looks quite like that before. Do they feel as cool as slippery as they look?

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