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Visiting another Planet

I’ve been spending some most enjoyable time lately on another planet (some of you are thinking we know, we know Mister Anchovy). It’s Planet Barberella. Barberella was kind enough to send a post out to me, and I sure appreciate that. Regulars to this blog will understand with just one visit to Planet Barberella why I  like it over there.  On the five fish anchovy rating scale, it gets a truck-load of delicious salties. Highly recommended.


  1. Awwwww, Thanks so much. That’s just what I needed to hear, today. I am so glad you like the page…..and I’m so glad that someone other than me is into what I listen to!! (BTW, keep throwing requests to me………it makes me go searching through mounds of old tunes…which is never a boring thing to do. Dusty, but never boring)

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