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The Old Tyme Fiddler’s Dream

Let’s listen to a little bit of Canadian old time fiddle music. Here’s Mac Beattie with The Old Tyme Fiddler’s Dream, a fantastic song that showcases a number of Canadian fiddlers.

Next up is Don Messer and his Islanders playing one of my favourite fiddle tunes, The St. Anne’s Reel, featuring some great dancing.

Finally, just because I can, I’m going to feature a tune I’ve featured on this blog before, and I just might feature again. I could listen to this one 100 times in a row and not get bored. It’s Ward Allen playing Maple Sugar.


  1. zeusiswatching

    You have managed to expand my interests in music considerably. I really liked the St. Anne’s reel clip.

    • Your comment makes me very happy. I love a wide variety of music and it’s a pleasure to share it with others. Don Messer had a television show that ran on CBC from the late 50s to the late 60s, filmed in Halifax. It was called Don Messer’s Jubilee, and I believe the St. Anne’s Reel clip is from that show. I remember watching Don Messer as a kid. His show and Hockey Night in Canada were the biggest shows around. I think many Canadians came to take Don Messer for granted at a certain point. Looking back in the fullness of time, it’s easy to see that Mr. Messer and his Islanders were an excellent outfit. We’ve had some fantastic fiddlers in Canada and still do (just listen to April Verch, for instance), although that music in all its regional currents doesn’t have the popularity it once had.

      Folk music is simple music, but as the accordion great Flaco Jimenez once said, it’s simple music made to sound complex. The way it gets dressed up often defines a regional tradition. Sometimes you see players with a narrow range but remarkable ability within their tradition.

      Some fiddlers, by the way, are able to play and step dance at the same time. I’ve seen April Verch do this on stage and it’s remarkable to watch.

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