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Train Song of the Day

East Texas Red

Today I’m featuring another Woody Guthrie tune. This is the story of a railroad bull name of East Texas Red, who was the meanest bull around. This story has a moral, and that is that if you’re nasty to your fellow man, you’re going to get your come-uppance down the road. This one goes out to my pal East Texas Red, who’s not a mean guy at all.

Trains and the traveling nation. Here’s another train song that falls into the hobo tune category. It’s about the train that takes the traveling man to the other side, the land of milk and honey, the Big Rock Candy Mountain. I really like this unusual bluesy take on the song by Jerry Reed (on Porter Wagoner’s TV show…gotta love Porter’s outfits).

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  1. East Texas Red

    Thanks for the shout out Mr. Anchovy…Happy Thanksgiving to you and your girls..” ETR

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