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Shack Nasty

Here is a painting I made in the mid-90s, after a fly fishing trip to Montana with my friend East Texas Red. This is a good-sized painting, 6 feet or maybe even a little wider, oil and spray enamel on canvas. It’s called Shack Nasty.… Read More

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Road trip?

At one time I used to do long road trips with my friend East Texas Red. Our destination was the mountain west. We would spell one another off driving across the US getting out to the west as fast as we could. I remember one… Read More

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East Texas Red

I think I may make the series of thematic music posts I’ve been making on the subject of murder ballads a weekly post rather than continue it daily. While only one reader has mentioned that I seem to be playing a lot of violent music,… Read More

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Road Trips

I was thinking today about some of the mad road trips I used to regularly take with my friend East Texas Red. It’s been a few years since we’ve done one of these together and as much as I loved every second of every one… Read More

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East Texas Red

This one goes out to my good friend of the same name. He’s a really good guy, not like the East Texas Red you’re going to hear about today. The song is by Woody Guthrie. East Texas Red was a railroad bull, the meanest one… Read More

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Train Song of the Day

East Texas Red Today I’m featuring another Woody Guthrie tune. This is the story of a railroad bull name of East Texas Red, who was the meanest bull around. This story has a moral, and that is that if you’re nasty to your fellow man,… Read More