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They forgot their brains at home…

Banff tourists fined for chasing grizzlies.

Read the article. Human stupidity knows no bounds. The sweeping bit of advice this article highlights is that just because they call it a national park doesn’t mean the wild animals won’t eat you.


  1. I think I know those folks … or at least they remind me of someone I know … well, when I think about it, I know several like that. Word is going to spread in the park (among the bears) that German tourists are rude and to be avoided. No more photo ops for them. Maybe that will teach them some manners.

  2. Salvelinas Fontinalis

    Its too bad really that this happened in Canada. I’m guessing that some forest dude dressed like Yogi Bear whipped out his citation pad, wrote them up with summons and went back to the office to brag about his fines issued total. In Canada though I think the foreign tourists just carry on with their vacation and ignore the summons. When their vacation ends they just go home and forget the whole thing and nobody here is going to go after them to actually cough up $750. There is something to be said for the way they do things in the southern states where Smokey writes the ticket and stands there fondling his gun until you pay.

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