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Chemnitzer Concertinas

I’ve been reading about chemnitzer concertinas. I’ve never played one of these beautiful instruments. They’re important in the “Push” style of Polish-American polka music which features the concertina, accordion (often playing “bellows-shake”), a pair of trumpets, bass and drums. Here’s Scrubby and the Dynatones from Buffalo NY…

I’ve come across a fantastic website for all things chemnitzer concertina. The site includes a vast sheet music library, articles on concertina history, and even some classified ads, in case you’re in the shopping mood. Prices range from 900 to 12,500 Americanos, + shipping, taxes and insurance.

For those interested in watching some very good concertina videos, check out fleeting days channel on YouTube. This fellow appears to have a fantastic collection of vintage instruments and he has ably adapted all sorts of music to concertina.

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