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I came across this amongst my files this afternoon. A few years ago, I was doing some fly fishing and camping on the Upper Michigan Penninsula when I saw this sign at the side of the road. Food. Not burgers and fries; not pasties; not smoked whitefish; not all day breakfast; just food. You need it. We got it. I recall two things clearly from that trip (besides this sign). One was an enormous herd of deer I saw early one morning on the road up to Gwinn. Another was a sudden rainstorm so violent that visibility on the road became almost non-existent. It was a scary moment.

Obviously the colours in the photo have been enhanced, making it appear kind of like an old colour postcard.


  1. Salvelinas Fontinalis

    In my youth I used to collect wordings of signs. My file is long gone but some of my favorites have always been…
    Dave’s Datsun and Snack Bar in North Bay (real gourmet food maybe)

    Junkaroo Bargain Barn near Orillia (when you want quality)

    Ugly Dogs near Sundridge nailed to a dog house housing 2 of the nastiest dogs I have ever seen.

    Bob’s Snack Bar and Bait (ewwwww) in almost every small town in the province

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