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Slowly Moving North

Morel in eastern West Virginia

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My brother emailed the other day to say that morels were spotted in late February in Georgia and Alabama. Serious morel freaks track the progress as each week these tasty mushrooms appear farther and farther north.

Sometime more or less in the middle of May they will appear here in Southern Ontario.

Morel hunting is serious business. And, morel hunters are very serious about protecting their spots. I don’t know if it’s true but rumour has it my brother Salvelinas tosses camo-netting over his car so nobody will notice where he parked. The same rumour has it that he has been known to sweep away car tracks at the places he turns into his favourite morel spots. He will deny this of course. Salvelinas actually took me to a spot once that was so secret I had to drive blind-folded. How I didn’t crash into anything, I don’t know.

It will be most interesting to see what the feeble winter we’ve had does to the timing and quantity of morels in our area. I’m a cup-half-full kind of guy so I’m banking on a good season that will happen more or less at the usual time.



  1. Christina

    Can morels be purchased anywhere in T.O.? What kind of prices would they sell for?

    • I have only seen them for sale once…they were from out west somewhere and they were in poor shape, selling for more money than excellent scotch. The reason is they have a limited season and they’re very fussy about where they fruit. There may be places here that market dried ones.

      • Christina

        I’ve only seen them used on a TV cooking program, otherwise never in food shops or in restaurants. So they seem rather a r
        are delicacy in the eyes of many.

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