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A big chanterelle

In the forests I visit, I mostly find smallish chanterelles – one over two inches tall or with a cap over two inches wide is uncommon. Yet today I found a cluster of chanterelles, all in one hollow, that were much bigger than the norm.… Read More

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Today I was fortunate to find several Hydnum umbilicatum and Hydnum repandum- the hedgehog mushrooms, sometimes also known as the sweet tooth. In our area, the Hydnum repandum tend to be larger. They have a rounder cap and they tend to be more pale in… Read More

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I took the dogs out for a walk in the woods this morning, and was fortunate to find around 30 chanterelles. They’re a little hard to see right now. There is a lot of leaf litter on the forest floor and the chanterelles are just… Read More

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Forest Walk

This morning, Memphis, Ellie Mae and I did some walking through a couple different forests. We were scouting around to see if any lobster mushrooms or chanterelles or perhaps some ornate boletes had begun fruiting (no sign of any edible mushrooms). When Memphis was a… Read More

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A Search Question

Somebody landed on this blog after searching the question, “are blue-staining boletes edible”? I thought I should weigh in on this before the searcher goes collecting. For those who don’t know what I’m talking about, boletes are those mushrooms that have pores rather than gills… Read More

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Slowly Moving North

My brother emailed the other day to say that morels were spotted in late February in Georgia and Alabama. Serious morel freaks track the progress as each week these tasty mushrooms appear farther and farther north. Sometime more or less in the middle of May… Read More